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First Friday Art Gallery



Debra Campbell

April 26 - May 10, 2024

The Art Dames Society is honored and proud to present the first solo exhibition by the talented Debra Campbell of Tampa, Florida.

We're delighted to introduce Debra to our gallery! We invite you to embrace her creative journey as a source of inspiration, sparking your exploration of your own artistic voice.

In addition to viewing her solo show, please support Debra by sharing her artwork, visiting her website and shop, following her on Instagram, and buying her work. For purchase inquiries, contact Debra through Instagram at @twoartcousins. She receives all proceeds from any sales.

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information about the artwork.

Thank you for joining us!


Florida artist and art educator, Debra Campbell, taught in both public and private schools for 18 years and was an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida School of Art. Debra began her studies at the Sam Fox College of Art at Washington University and continued on to get a Masters in Art Therapy at Goddard College in Vermont.


Debra loves the complexities of collage and mixed media. She aims to create visual dialogues about our environment and the meditative qualities of nature.


Debra has always felt the importance of being active in her community. She worked with Creative Tampa Bay as it launched its’ economic development mission to foster a region of creatives. In 2004 she formed a non-profit, Forward Thinking Initiatives, that began with a mission to teach entrepreneurship to teens but worked its way into teaching “Artrepreneurship”.


In addition to creating fine art, Debra uses her original mixed media pieces as surface design on wearables such as silk scarves, silk and chiffon kimonos and bags. She loves to collaborate with other artists and has worked on a number of pieces with her cousin and formed the wearable art company, Campbell and Cope.


My eyes have always been drawn to the complexities of collage and mixed media. The textures, variety of surfaces and depth of layers entice me to look deeply within each work. This is what I work toward in my own art.


My images tend to be fantasy landscapes. Each scene represents dream-like memories of places I’ve been. Omitting specific details allows the viewer to recreate the scene from their own experiences. My intention is to make my art a more personal journey for each viewer.


I use altered papers, stained tissue papers, solvents and acrylics. The images are created with layers of papers. I then use solvents to further “melt” the pigments and finally, I paint in the details and areas of focus.


I began a Wearable Art line of silk scarves, kimonos, leggings and bags as an extension to my mixed media art. The clothing is simply a new canvas for my art and the human body becomes a mobile gallery. This rounds out my desire to create both beauty and function.

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